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Arrangement The Glossary is arranged alphabetically. The alphabetical arrangement chosen follows the English-language terms, because English is basically the common language of the Bologna Process.
Languages In the English definitions the selected Bologna concepts are defined without reference to a national context. The categories “Russian entry” and “German entry” show the terms and definitions of the national contexts in German and Russian.
Systematic List of Terms The choice of the concepts for the Glossary was made with respect to the ten action lines of the Bologna Process. Two further categories have been added: the social dimension of the Bologna Process, which is often described in official documents as an overarching or transversal action line, as eleventh category and stocktaking as twelfth category. The systematic list of the concepts and the terms assigned to these concepts provides information about the allocation to the individual action lines and categories.
References Most definitions are cross-referenced to other relevant definitions in the Glossary. The references are indicated by "↑" in front of the term. The English definitions are followed by further internal references not contained in the texts themselves.
Abbrevations In the Russian texts, English terms and abbreviations are emphasised by means of italics. In the case of abbreviations, these will be given in brackets after the full form on the first occurrence in each Glossary item. This does not apply to abbreviations that are listed in the Glossary as independent entries (for example ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).
Sources Besides the internal references and the source data in the footnotes there are references to additional sources of information attached to some definitions. They refer principally to internet offers of information from various actors in the Bologna Process.
Authors The abbreviations of the authors' names can be found at the end of the most articles.
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