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Standards and guidelines

At the Bergen Conference (2005) the European Ministers adopted Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the ↑European Higher Education Area (EHEA). These are standards for -  internal ↑quality assurance within higher education institutions, -  external quality assurance of higher education, -  external quality assurance agencies.[1] As their starting point, the standards and guidelines endorse the spirit of the Graz Declaration (2003) of the ↑EUA which states that "the purpose of a ↑European dimension to quality assurance is to promote mutual trust and improve transparency while respecting the diversity of national contexts and subject areas".[2] Consonant with the Graz Declaration, the standards and guidelines recognise the primacy of national systems of higher education, the importance of institutional and agency autonomy within those national systems, and the particular requirements of different academic subjects. In these standards and guidelines, therefore, an appropriate balance has been sought between the creation and development of internal quality cultures, and the role which external quality assurance procedures may play.
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↑ENQA – European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education

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