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Social dimension

The social dimension of the ↑Bologna Process is seen as a transversal action line which has an impact on all other objectives. It can be seen as a part of the European heritage and culture. Moreover, appropriate studying and living conditions are seen as a key to efficiency. Therefore, there should not be any obstacles related to the social and economic background and there should be equal access for all on the basis of capacity. "The social dimension includes measures taken by governments to help students, especially from socially disadvantaged groups, in financial and economic aspects [for example with grants] and to provide them with guidance and counselling services with a view to widening access."[1] As the umbrella organisation of 50 national unions of students, ↑ESIB represents and promotes the interests of many students at the European level and is therefore an important actor with regard to the social dimension of the Bologna Process.

[1] Bergen, p. 4.

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