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Lisbon Recognition Convention

Lisbon Recognition Convention is the short form for the "Convention on the ↑recognition of qualifications concerning higher education in the European region" which was signed in Lisbon on 11.4.1997. The Convention was elaborated and adopted under the joint auspices of the Council of Europe and UNESCO.[1] In Article IV of the Convention it is stated that each institution shall recognise the qualifications issued by other institutions unless a substantial difference can be proven by the institution that is charged with recognition.[2] The Convention also deals with recognition of periods of study. In the Berlin Communiqué (2003), the European "Ministers underline[d] the importance of the Lisbon Recognition Convention, […], and call[ed] on the ENIC and NARIC networks [↑ENIC Network/NARIC Network] along with the competent National Authorities to further the implementation of the Convention."[3] In the Bergen Communiqué (2005), the European Ministers "urge[d] those that have not already done so to ratify the Convention without delay."[4] In the Lisbon Recognition Convention, the use of the ↑Diploma Supplement was already recommended.[5]
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