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European dimension

In the Bologna Declaration (1999) it is stated that the promotion of the European dimension in higher education, "particularly with regards to curricular development, inter-institutional co-operation, ↑mobility schemes and integrated programmes of study, training and research" is of primary relevance.[1] A number of horizontal issues affect all the foregoing aspects of the European dimension. These horizontal issues include the balance between professional training and general education, a strong emphasis on quality, the use of information technology, the need for strategic management at institutional level and the question of financing.[2] In order to further strengthen the important European dimension of higher education and graduate ↑employability, ↑modules, courses and curricula are being developed at all levels which have "European" content, orientation or organisation. These can be offered in partnership by institutions from different countries and lead to a recognised ↑joint degree.[3]
Related term:
↑Promoting the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)

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