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EUA – European University Association

The European University Association (EUA), as the representative organisation of both the European universities and the national rectors' conferences, is an important voice of the higher education community in Europe. EUA's mission is to "promote the development of a coherent system of European higher education and research". It aims to "achieve this through active support and guidance to its members as autonomous institutions in enhancing the quality of their teaching, learning and research as well as their contributions to society".[1] The EUA is a consultative member of the ↑Bologna Follow-up Group (BFUG) and the Board which oversees the work between the meetings of the BFUG. It prepared Trends III and Trends IV reports (↑Trends reports) on progress made towards the goals of the ↑Bologna Process. The EUA cooperates with ↑ENQA, ↑ESIB and ↑EURASHE in the field of ↑quality assurance.[2]

[2] Bergen, p. 3.

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