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ESIB – The National Unions of Students in Europe

The National Unions of Students in Europe (ESIB) is the umbrella organisation of 50 national unions of students (NUSes) from 37 countries.[1] The NUSes are open to all students in the country regardless of their political conviction, religion, ethnic or cultural origin, sexual orientation or social standing. They are run and controlled by students which hold democratic elections and run the unions on democratic lines. Moreover, the NUSes are autonomous and independent in their decision-making.[2] The aim of ESIB is to "represent and promote the educational, social, economic and cultural interests of students at a European level towards all relevant bodies and in particular the European Union, the Council of Europe and UNESCO[3]. Through its members, […] ESIB represents 10 million of students in Europe."[4] ESIB is a consultative member of the ↑Bologna Follow-up Group and the Board which oversees the work between the meetings of the Follow-up Group.[5] For the Bergen Conference (2005), ESIB prepared the report "Bologna with student eyes".[6] ESIB cooperates with ↑ENQA, the ↑EUA and ↑EURASHE in the field of ↑quality assurance.[7]

[1] ESIB stands for "European Student Information Bureau". In 1982, WESIB (West European Student Information Bureau) was created. The "W" was dropped in 1990. In 1993, the Board decided to change the name once more, this time to "the National Unions of Students in Europe", but retaining the old and well-known abbreviation ESIB. Cf. URL: http://www.esib.org (13.5.2006).

[2] Cf. URL: http://www.esib.org (13.5.2006).

[3] UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

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