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ECTS Learning Agreement

The ECTS Learning Agreement "has been developed for mobile students, spending a limited period of time at a university in another country as is the case in the Erasmus programme. The Learning Agreement contains the list of ↑course units or ↑modules which the student plans to take. For each course unit/module the title, the code number and the ECTS credit are indicated. The Learning Agreement has to be signed by the student, the person who has formal authority to commit the home institution, and by an equivalent authority in the receiving institution who thereby guarantees that the incoming student can study the planned course units/modules. The Learning Agreement guarantees the transfer of credit for courses passed successfully by the student. The competent body or authority of the home university carries out the ↑recognition on the student's return. The student does not need to negotiate recognition with individual professors. The Learning Agreement, together with the ↑Transcript of Records is designed to guarantee complete recognition."[1]
Related terms:
↑Lifelong learning; ↑Mobility

[1] Directorate-General for Education and Culture: ECTS Users' Guide. European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System and the Diploma Supplement, Brussels, 2005, p. 24; URL: http://ec.europa.eu/education/programmes/socrates/ects/doc/guide_en.pdf (14.5.2006).

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