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Qualification descriptors are short, subject-independent, generic descriptions of the ↑learning outcomes. They provide "clear points of reference that describe the main outcomes of a qualification, often with reference to national levels".[1] In the Bergen Communiqué (2005) it is stated that the overarching "Framework for Qualifications in the ↑European Higher Education Area" (↑qualifications framework), which includes qualification descriptors, has been adopted.[2] In the Qualifications framework, the so-called "Dublin Descriptors" developed by the Joint Quality Initiative[3] are taken as the descriptors which should be made use of in the ↑Bologna Process.[4] These general descriptors are concerned with the following student's ↑competences: -  knowledge and understanding; -  applying knowledge and understanding; -  making judgements; -  communication skills; -  learning skills.[5] National qualifications frameworks and subject-based descriptors should use these general descriptors as their basis.
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↑Bachelor; ↑Doctoral studies; ↑Formal, non-formal and informal learning; ↑Master

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[3] The Joint Quality Initiative is "an informal network for quality assurance and accreditation of bachelor and master programmes in Europe"; the descriptors are called Dublin Descriptors because they were drafted in Dublin, Ireland. See also URL: http://www.jointquality.org (9.5.2006).

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